SAP HANA with Lucia Subatin and Kevin Nelson

Jon Foust is back with Mark this week as we talk about SAP HANA, a data and application platform. Lucia Subatin and Kevin Nelson elaborate, explaining that SAP HANA is engineered for running SAP business applications. It is capable of handling large transactions very quickly and with great flexibility. With HANA, you don’t move data around, so you can run transaction workloads, as well as analytics, etc. in the same platform.

By teaming up with GCP, SAP HANA ensures that their enterprise users will have scalability and storage no matter how their businesses grow. GCP and SAP HANA developers have been working together to continue to make the products better.

Lucia Subatin

Lucia, Developer Advocate for SAP, is a proud geek. Her mission is to bring developers closer to SAP HANA and optimal enterprise solutions. Her contribution towards the community is based on enabling content and facilitating adoption by exploring and sharing more and better ways to capitalize the power of the platform.

Kevin Nelson

Kevin is a Google Cloud Developer Advocate focused on enterprise strategic partners. In his free time, Kevin is an avid sailor, brewer, and history buff who loves stargazing and studying the Age of Exploration.

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Where can you find us next?

Mark will be at GDC, Cloud NEXT, and ECGC in April.

Jon will be at GDC, Cloud NEXT, ECGC, and Vector Conf 2019.

Our guests will be at SAP CodeJam Venice, CA March 7, 2019, SAP CodeJam Mannheim, Germany March 18, 2019 and at Cloud NEXT.


Mark Mandel and Jon Foust

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