StackRox with Connor Gilbert

Gabi is back with Mark this week in an interview with Connor Gilbert of StackRox, a Kubernetes security company. StackRox uses Kubernetes and containers to maximize security for customers across the container lifecycle. Connor explains how they monitor your containers through building, deploying, and finally the running of the application, and keep your project secure through all stages. StackRox identifies risks and weak areas, then responds in real time.

Connor’s advice for our listeners is to understand what’s going on with your containers and your application. Look at the data, the specs, and your options and then, if-needed, adjust the defaults to optimize the security of your app.

Connor Gilbert

Connor Gilbert is a product manager at StackRox, a Kubernetes security company, where he contributes to product vision and advocates for customer needs. Connor previously worked in architecture and engineering roles at StackRox. Before that, as Security Research Scientist at Qadium, he built tools to uncover network perimeter exposures and conducted DARPA Internet security research. He first discovered Kubernetes in 2015 and has been using it on GCP ever since.

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Question of the week

How do I migrate my traditional data warehouse platform to BigQuery?

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Mark will be at Cloud NEXT, ECGC, and IO.

Gabi will be at Cloud NEXT and PyTexas

StackRox will be at Cloud NEXT, KubeCon, FS-ISAC, DockerCon, Red Hat Summit, and Black Hat.


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